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ROC Group Receives 2014 SAP® Pinnacle Award: New Cloud Value Added Reseller

12-Jun-2014 - Sheri Tate Atlanta, GA – June 12, 2014 -  In recognition of its outstanding contributions as an SAP partner, ROC Group today announced it has received a 2014 SAP® Pinnacle award as the New Cloud Value Added Reseller.  SAP Pinnacle awards ... Lesen Sie mehr »

ROC Group Receives 2014 SAP® Pinnacle Award: New Cloud Value Added Reseller

ROC Deutschland gewinnt den Innovationspreis 2013

28-Feb-2013 - Oliver Stegmann Die Roc Deutschland gewinnt in der Katagorie on demand den Innovationspreis mit seinem Produkt RaaS - Reporting as a Service. Lesen, Sie hierzu mehr unter:  &nb... Lesen Sie mehr »

ROC News Webcast Invite - APAC 31 July 2012

11-Jul-2012 - JOIN ROC when we streamline SAP HR with fully integrated online form processing.   SEVEN great reasons to automate your HR processes now: Faster more efficient HR processing Fewer errors and associated costs Alerts save time wasted mon... Lesen Sie mehr »

Online form processing just got even easier in SAP

02-Jul-2012 - the tHRive team webcast slides from 27 June 2012 Lesen Sie mehr »

Online form processing just got even easier in SAP

ROC Group establishes ROC CONSULTING France S.A.S

01-May-2012 - Jerry Chilvers   Leading SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) specialist ROC, has today announced the incorporation and establishment of a business for the French market. The company will be known as ROC CONSULTING France S.A.S.   ROC CONSULTING Franc... Lesen Sie mehr »

ROC News UK Webinar 29 March 2012

08-Mar-2012 - Want to save time and money by processing UK Maternity absences more efficiently?   JOIN US on this webinar to see how you can streamline your UK Maternity, Paternity and Adoption leave processing with tHRive. We will show you how easily...... Lesen Sie mehr »

ROC News tHRive events Feb/Mar 2012

24-Feb-2012 - ROC is committed to streamlining SAP HCM for all users. Globally, our customers maximize SAP HCM usability and automation with tHRive.   Join us at SAP Cloud2012 or HR2012 in Las Vegas. Our solution experts will be on-hand to answer your qu... Lesen Sie mehr »

ROC News Time to tHRive February 2012

20-Feb-2012 - We guarantee tHRive HCM Forms will improve HR efficiency in your organization, utilizing your existing SAP technology and our catalog of ready-to-run SAP HR online forms that can easily be deployed by your own team. As an HR Executive, Manager or... Lesen Sie mehr »

ROC News Webcast Invite 22 February 2012

20-Feb-2012 - JOIN ROC when we streamline SAP HR with tHRive HCM Forms – automating HR processes with online forms. SEVEN great reasons to automate your HR processes with online forms: 1. Automated processes have less errors and associated costs 2. Faster... Lesen Sie mehr »

New tHRive HCM Forms Catalogue Published

14-Dec-2011 - tHRive A revised catalogue of processes and forms has been published for tHRive HCM Forms. Over 30 forms are now pre-delivered with the full product making the task of removing HR paperwork and streamlining HR even easier. Lesen Sie mehr »

New tHRive HCM Forms Catalogue Published

Gründung der ROC Schweiz GmbH

08-Dec-2011 - Roman Seeberger   ROC weitet sein Geschäftsfeld mit Gründung der ROC Schweiz GmbH aus. „Das ist für uns eine logische Entwicklung, nicht nur im Zuge der allgemeinen Globalisierung, sondern aufgrund unseres Angebots Global HR und unsere... Lesen Sie mehr »

ROC wins 2010 SAP UKI Partner of the Year – Line of Business Award

20-Jun-2011 - ROC UK   ROC recognised for its contributions in support of SAP ERP Human Capital Management application; Innovation key to ROC’s recent success with tHRive, its on-demand and on-premise usability suite   London, UK – 17th June 2... Lesen Sie mehr »

ROC wins 2010 SAP UKI Partner of the Year – Line of Business Award

ROC launches new tHRive SAP Performance & Goal Management Solution

06-Apr-2011 - The tHRive Team ROC has launched the latest application from the tHRive Usability Suite; a highly intuitive web-based solution for Performance & Goal Management that replaces the need for costly, time consuming enhancement of SAP templates. Choose from a sele... Lesen Sie mehr »

ROC launches new tHRive SAP Performance & Goal Management Solution

tHRive Self Service HCM for On Premise users has been launched

03-Apr-2011 - The tHRive Team ROC launches tHRive Self Service HCM; a ready to run Self Service application leveraging the very latest SAP Webdynpro technology to simplify work-life for employees and managers. Intuitive usability ensures high user take up. Drive down your HR c... Lesen Sie mehr »

tHRive Self Service HCM for On Premise users has been launched

tHRive SAP HCM Usability Solutions now available to On Premise customers…

31-Mar-2011 - tHRive After the successful launch last year of tHRive, ROC’s SAP HCM On Demand Platform, ROC has released a tHRive On Premise Usability Suite for existing SAP customers who also need to improve Usability for Employees, Line Managers and HR Adminis... Lesen Sie mehr »

tHRive SAP HCM Usability Solutions now available to On Premise customers…

ROC Deutschland präsentiert RaaS™: Reporting as a Service, den schnellen und kostengünstigen Einstieg in professionelles HCM Reporting

18-Mar-2011 - Thomas Wolf Mit der steigenden Bedeutung der HR-Funktion in Unternehmen wächst der Bedarf an professionellem HCM-Reporting, damit wichtige Entscheidungen schnell und auf sicherer Grundlage getroffen werden können. Vielen Unternehmen fehlen allerding... Lesen Sie mehr »

GI-Herbsttagung der Fachgruppe „Informationssysteme in der Personalwirtschaft“

15-Nov-2010 - Nicole Kuhn   28. und 29. Oktober 2010 in Wolfsburg   Die GI Fachgruppe "Informationssysteme in der Personalwirtschaft" beschäftigt sich mit Entwicklungstendenzen der Informationstechnik und deren Anwendungsmöglichkeiten in der Personal... Lesen Sie mehr »

ROC News ROC News Oct/Nov 2010

02-Nov-2010 - Welcome to the latest edition of ROC News. We have a Usability theme running through this whole edition as we are seeing this play a significant part in client decision making as ease of adoption by employees becomes ever more critical.   W... Lesen Sie mehr »

Tech Track 100

22-Sep-2010 -   It is 10 years since the first Sunday Times Tech Track 100 revealed Britain’s fastest-growing private technology, telecoms and digital media companies. Since then, successive annual league tables have uncovered several firms that hav... Lesen Sie mehr »

Tech Track 100

Dem demografischen Wandel erfolgreich begegnen

15-Jul-2010 - Thomas Meis & Roman Seeberger Thomas Meis und Roman Seeberger von ROC Deutschland haben diesen Fachartikel im der Juli-Ausgabde des Magazins HR Performance veröffentlicht. Sie gehen darin auf die Herausforderung für HR durch den demographischen Wandel ein und zeigen... Lesen Sie mehr »

Globale HCM-Systeme: Grundlage zur Beantwortung selbst einfacher Fragen

16-Jun-2010 - Oliver Stegmann Oliver Stegmann, Mitgründer und Managing Director der ROC Deutschland GmbH, behandelt in diesem Fachartikel die Notwendigkeit globaler HCM-Systeme für unternehmensweite Klarsicht. Selbst (scheinbar) einfache Fragen können sonst nich... Lesen Sie mehr »

ROC News ROC News May 2010

21-May-2010 - Welcome to May's Newsletter. There is so much happening in the world of SAP HCM that I am struggling to fit it all in.   The most exciting news is that ROC has launched tHRive, a Global SAP HR On Demand Solution. With 30 years of SAP at its... Lesen Sie mehr »

ARCO Award

15-Apr-2010 - Damian Williams ECMOD was founded back in 1990 and is the most highly regarded annual conference for executives engaged in the catalogue & home shopping sector through online and multi-channel retailing. Last night Arco won the Outstanding Website Innovation ... Lesen Sie mehr »

ROC News ROC News Jan/Feb 2010

20-Feb-2010 - Welcome to the latest issue of ROC’s Newsletter. With the dawn of the new decade, many organizations are once again looking at the value they are getting from their IT budgets. At ROC, we are assisting our clients maximize their return on th... Lesen Sie mehr »

Poland: e-declarations in SAP

19-Feb-2010 - Ryszard Wysocki   ROC Poland has a new solution, e-Deklaracje, allowing SAP customers to send tax forms PIT-11, PIT-8C & PIT-40 electronically to the Ministry of Finance, saving time and effort. Lesen Sie mehr »

Southwark County Council & SpinifexIT Payroll Reporting Tools

19-Feb-2010 - Damian Williams Says Lynn Farrell, SAP HR & Payroll Manager of London Borough of Southwark: “We are really excited with the opportunity that the deployment of SpinifexIT Payroll Reporting tools presents to us at Southwark County Council. Finally, there ... Lesen Sie mehr »

Spenden statt Geschenke

23-Dec-2009 - Oliver Stegmann & Thomas Wolf Liebe Geschäftspartner, wir möchten uns für die Zusammenarbeit in 2009 bedanken. Anstatt von Präsenten haben wir uns dieses Jahr entschlossen Spenden für soziale Zwecke zu tätigen. Wir haben hierfür folgen... Lesen Sie mehr »

ROC News ROC News Nov/Dec 09

01-Dec-2009 - November has been a busy month and with December already upon us we have combined the last two issues of the year to bring you a packed Christmas edition. This issue is all about Performance Management with links to a recent article published by R... Lesen Sie mehr »

ROC News

30-Sep-2009 - Welcome to September’s edition of ROC News, the newsletter designed to keep you in the picture of what’s happening around the world at ROC and all things SAP HCM. September’s issue has a Talent Management theme with links to o... Lesen Sie mehr »

ROC in den Sunday Times Tech Track 100 aufgenommen

20-Sep-2009 - Damian Williams As a reflection of ROC’s rapid growth over the last three years, ROC was ranked number 54 in the Sunday Times Microsoft Tech Track 100.   We would like to thank our employees for all their hard work and dedication in helping make thi... Lesen Sie mehr »

Fallstudie: Ferro Corporation

09-Sep-2009 - Damian Williams The goal was to allow Ferro visibility to their entire employee population via a single system of record.   Ferro is a leading global producer of technology-based performance materials for manufacturers. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, Fe... Lesen Sie mehr »

Nakisa verkündet globale Partnerschaft mit der ROC Gruppe

08-Sep-2009 - Jerry Chilvers Nakisa® Inc., the pioneer provider of truly-integrated talent and organization management solutions for SAP®, today announced it has added ROC to its ecosystem of solution integration partners. Under this agreement, ROC, a leading global S... Lesen Sie mehr »

ROC auf dem Vormarsch in Europa

09-Aug-2007 - Olivia Farry ROC, der führende Experte für SAP HCM-Implementierungen in UK, kündigt die Ernennung von Les Hayman, ehemaliges Hauptmitglied des Board der SAP AG, als Strategischen Berater in das Board an. Die Marke ROC ist in den letzten Jah... Lesen Sie mehr »

ROC erweitert sein HCM-Service

24-Jul-2007 - Olivia Farry Die Anwerbung eines Teams der besten SAP HCM-Experten in Polen hat ROC in diesem Land nicht nur eine starke Präsenz verliehen, sondern stellt auch eine flexible Entwicklungs- und Unterstützungsmöglichkeit dar, sowohl für seinen... Lesen Sie mehr »

ROC Systems Consulting Limited erhält das ISO 9001 Qualitätszertifikat

10-Nov-2006 - Olivia Farry ROC Systems Consulting Ltd hat kürzlich das ISO 9001:2000 Zertifikat für Qualitätssicherung erhalten. Dieses internationale Zertifikat zeigt ROC Kunden, dass das Unternehmen mit großem Engagement Dienstleistungen bereitstellt,... Lesen Sie mehr »

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